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Our Horses

We are pleased  to share with you the lineage information from our stables.  Simply click on either the "Sires" or "Mares" sections to get more information about our quality Warmblood horses!

 Benediction Farm Stallion

 Benediction Farm Mares

  Benediction Farm Reference Sires



Foaled March 17, 1993 Chestnut, 16.1 h
Registered ISR/Oldenburg Approved for breeding by Rheinland Pfalz-Saar and the American Warmblood Society

Our stallion, Sodalis, is by our foundation sire, Symbol (
see Symbol – in Memorium), out of the Thoroughbred mare Bold a Go Go. (See Bold a Go Go in mares) He has been shown through Fourth level in dressage and his highest score in his stallion testing was for jumping.

Sodalis is a scopey, elastic mover with a lot of power behind. He is also very free in the shoulder. He has great ability to collect, and finds lateral work very easy. He has a very beautiful, refined head with large, kind eyes and is a quiet, sweet horse who loves attention. He also has an excellent work ethic. He is patient with riders and, even though he is a stallion, he is used frequently as a school horse. Sodalis is intelligent and learns very quickly.

This lovely stallion has produced a colt who was ranked #1 in the nation at his AWS foal inspection, and another who was #1 in the nation as a three year old.  His oldest son is now training Third level and is a big, powerful mover with a lot of presence. Sodalis is a good cross to hot mares, and will definitely improve their temperaments. He will add suppleness and scope to the movement, and a strong top line and powerful hindquarter. He often produces large horses despite his average size.

We are very fortunate to have a
son of Symbol to pass on his legacy.

Warmblood Horse Breeding


Bold a Go Go (Wendy)

Foaled March 15, 1979 Chestnut Thoroughbred 16h

Now retired, Wendy produced a total of 13 foals for us, all by Symbol. It was a match made in heaven, with their offspring successful as FEI dressage horses, jumpers, eventers, and even in combined driving.

Our stallion, Sodalis, is a product of this cross. Wendy’s sire, Bold Sword, was a 17h Thoroughbred who ran 107 races in his career and was in the money 89 times. He ran all distances successfully. After his retirement from the track, he produced numerous sport horses, including a national Champion polo horse and a number of jumpers for the Mexican Olympic team.

Bold Sword was a Nasrullah bred horse, and Wendy is heavily line-bred to Bull Dog on both sides.
Warmblood Horse Breeding



Symmetry (Cupid)

Foaled June 4, 1997 Chestnut 16.1h

Symmetry got her barn name from the fact that she is always a perfect angel. She is a full sister to our stallion, Sodalis, and is showing such talent for upper level dressage that we may take her out of the mare band next year and put her in full training.

 Her balance and ability to sit and collect are amazing, and she has the kind of mind it takes for Grand Prix work – willing, sane, but sensitive. Few horses have that perfect combination.

Symmetry has had one foal, by Fleming, (see reference sires) who was an amazing personality and had his dam’s ability to sit. Faolan was one of the most elegant foals we’ve ever seen.






Foaled April 19, 2000 Black Dutch Warmblood 16.3 ½ h

Our black jewel, Thalia, is by Iron Springs Farm stallion, Contango. (see reference sires) Contango is a Grand Prix stallion himself, but also produces jumpers.

Thalia is out of a tremendously athletic Thoroughbred mare of Hyperion lines, but is the spitting image of her sire. She is a true coal black, and everyone who comes to the farm picks her out immediately. Thalia has tremendous presence, but is also very affectionate.

She is totally sane, but has so much character that she is never boring! Her movement is very uphill and she has wonderful use of her hocks, backed up in her breeding on both sides. She has three excellent gaits, but her canter is absolutely spectacular. Her first foal is very much like her in every way.

Thalia is unquestionably an FEI quality mare, and seems to be producing the same.



Warmblood Horse Breeding


Quilted Crystal

Foaled March 11, 1990 Brown Thoroughbred 16 h

Crystal is a stunningly beautiful, very refined near-black Thoroughbred mare.

She scored extremely high in her RPSI mare inspection, and Otto Schalter enthusiastically told the crowd, “This is the kind of Thoroughbred mares we want to use in Warmblood breeding!” She has produced two large fillies by Symbol, one by Werbellin, and is currently in foal to Sodalis.

Crystal’s pedigree parallel’s that of the Great German Thoroughbred Prince Thatch who has been so important in Warmblood Pedigrees. They are both a combination of Forli and Nasrullah in the same generations. Crystal’s foals who are now under saddle have proven that they are superior athletes, very elastic and with a lot of ability to collect.


Warmblood Horse Breeding



Foaled April 24, 1994 Chestnut Trakehner 16 h

Star is a very flashy, beautiful Trakehner mare of the best bloodlines. She has a blaze and four high white stockings, and an almost Arab face. She looks exactly like her sire, Unkenruf, who was a Grand Prix dressage horse himself, and who is found in the pedigree of some of the top horses in Germany, including Don Schufro. Her dam line includes the very modern Falke, and Graditz.

Star is a real character and fun to live with. She is extremely intelligent and willing to work. I believe if she were asked to stand on her head she’d give it a good try! Star has very good use of her hocks, and excellent rhythm and balance. She is in foal for the first time, to Sodalis. We expect it to be a super cross as the two perfectly compliment each other.

Warmblood Horse Breeding


Miss Sugar Image (Emmy)

Foaled April 4, 1981 Dark Bay Thoroughbred/QH 16.2 h

Emmy has been one of our best producers over the years. As a young horse she was a spectacular mover herself – better than most Warmbloods – even though she is a TB/QH cross. She looks full TB and produces that way. Her sire is by Dancer’s Image.

Emmy’s foals are always beautiful and very big movers. Her foals sell right away, and are in great demand. In 1999 her foal, Talisman was #1 colt in the nation with the AWS. Her 17 h son, The Great Oz, was #1 in the nation as a three year old, and is now schooling Third Level. The RPSI inspector told us that her filly, Lucia, was as good as the best mares in Germany. All were by Sodalis.

Despite our thinking she was getting too old to breed, Emmy is still very healthy and is, at the age of 24, in foal again to Sodalis. This will be her 13th foal.


Warmblood Horse Breeding


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